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Welcome to the southernmost Balkan destination! Heraklion, the largest city of the island of Crete, and the 4th biggest in Greece, is a lively city with a troubled past that combines rich historical heritage with a crazy nightlife scene. Here you’ll find the ruins of the palace of Knossos, the heart of the Minoan civilisation and the seat of the legendary king Minos, which gave birth to thrilling myths, like the Minotaur and the Labyrinth.

Crete is the crossroads of the African, European, and Asian continent. This mix of culture gives Crete its unique character, its exceptional cuisine, and its distinctive musical tradition, and makes the island one of the favourite destinations worldwide.

The nature of Crete captivates the traveler. Rough mountain towns, and picturesque seaside fishing villages, imposing gorges and breathtaking beaches, green plateaus and palm tree forests, Crete has it all!

Heraklion is the best starting point for your Cretan adventure. Located in the centre of the island, it is a transportation hub from where you can explore all that Crete has to offer! While in Heraklion, be sure to visit the Archaeological museum, with the biggest collection of Minoan artefacts, the Historical museum, where you’ll learn everything about one of WW2’s greatest battles, the battle of Crete, and the fort ‘Koules’ that withstood the longest siege in recorded history (22 years!). Walking around town you’ll witness the unique atmosphere and architecture of an ancient Greek city with Venetian, Ottoman, and Arabic heritage, that’s one of the liveliest Mediterranean cities today!

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