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Pag is a Croatian island in the northern Adriatic Sea. It is the fifth-largest island of the Croatian coast, and the one with the longest coastline.
There are two towns on the island, Pag and Novalja, as well as many smaller villages and tourist places!Mediterianvegetation, mild climate and dark blue sea, culture and tradition from the Roman times up to today are only a small part of what this island is able to offer to its guests.


Island of Pag is quickly earning a reputation as a party destination due to its increasingly bustling nightlife, a good deal of which is centered on Zrće beach, city of Novalja.

The beach is a well-known as a Croatian Ibiza as well as one of the world’s greatest party destinations!

Every year Zrće beach turns into a massive stage of electronic musicaswell other music genres , where you’ll hear best DJs and live acts of the world. During summer months there are more then 30 music festivals that take place in Novalja, Zrcebeach,such as Hideout festival , Sonus festival , Fresh Island festival and many more.

For more information about the events&festivals schedule visit our webpage !

Novalja isdefently a great starting point for almost all the national parks in Croatia. The position of the island makes it possible to do day trips to the islands of Northern& Southern Dalmatia.


Pag belongs to the north Dalmatian archipelago and it extends northwest-southeast along the coast, forming the Velebit (mountain)channel. The southeast of the island contains karst lakes VeloBlato and MaloBlato. The island’s highest peak, at 349 metres (1,145 feet), is Sveti Vid (St. Vitus).

Grapes (the authentic žutica), vegetables and fruit are grown in the valleys and fields. The northern area of the Lun peninsula is mostly under olive groves, and is well known for its olive trees, which they say some of them are more 1500 years old .

The island of Pag is also famous for its production of Paški sir or Pag cheese , a distinctive cheese made from the milk of the island’s autochthonous breed of sheep.

Throughout its history, the economy of Pag has been connected to salt production, a traditional activity that has been practiced for more than a thousand years. While the earliest historical records of salt production on the island date to 999, it is believed salt was produced on Pag in Roman times.

Zrće beach / Novalja events for 2016:

SpringBreak (25. May – 29. May 2016)
Hideout (26. June – 1. July 2016.)
Hard Island festival(05. July – 08.July)
Abi Del Mar festival(06. July – 07. July 2016.)
Fresh Island (12. July – 14. July 2016.)
Dj Mag Beach Festival (07. August – 10. August 2016.)
Armada Croatia Festival (18. July – 22. July 2016.)
Black Sheep Festival (31. July – 03. August 2016.)
Stereoforest festival (31. July – 03. August 2016.)
Sonus festival (21. August – 25. August 2016.)

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