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With its unique combination of history and wild beauty Ulcinj is definitely a place to see in Montenegro!

Old town Ulcinj is one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic coast, withstanding the  ravages of time for 25 centuries. Jutting up magically on the cliffs above the open sea, with its face towards Otrant it is guaranteed to captivate all your senses. Through the immense variety of cultures and civilisations that have left their mark and been absorbed into the overall picture. It is like a little paradise on earth, carved timelessly out of the centuries of bloody battles, defiance, pride and affection  of all those who have visited this place at least once in their lives.

Valdanos used to be a place where pirates where hiding their ships once.Today is a beautiful bay 4 km from center of the city .4km long beach is truly a place to relax and enjoy sun and beauty.  The road to Valdanos goes in between 18000 olive trees with average age of 800 years.It is very beautiful walk through historical nature of olive trees that can be up to 2000 years old.


Long Beach is 14 km long sandy beach which makes it the longest one on Adriatic coast.It is a natural phenomenon of beauty and abundance. Besides the fact that it is the best beach in Montenegro it has become very attractive place for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Long beach has lots of bars and restaurants and it is a good place for beach parties during the day but at night as well. At the end of June every year is organized Southern Soul  festival that features hip and underground names representing a broad selection of musical styles including soul, jazz, funk, house and disco.



Ada Bojana Ada Bojana is one of the most “official” naturist beaches in the country. The island is referred to as the nudist colony. The island is situated on the southern most tip of Montenegro, in the city of Ulcinj.  It has a triangular shape and is bordered from two sides by The Bojana river, and by Adriatic Sea from south-west. It has an area of 4,8 square km. The island is artificial, created by gathering river sand around ship sunk at the mouth of Bojana river. This isle is connected to the mainland with a bridge and both its sides feature characteristic raft called “kalimera“, which are wooden platforms with nets lifted and sank into the water by levers.


Ada Bojana has 3 km long sandy beach and is covered by thick vegetation that makes it a special micro ecological world, the home of rare plants and rare animals. It is an excellent place for bird and plant safaris. if you are nature lovers, it is a good place to go to.

LADIES BEACH hidden in the beautiful pine forest, ladies beach is the first nude beach in Europe reserved just for women. When waves splash clean sulfuric seawater, they create ideal micro and macro molecules suitable for natural aerosol therapy. The greatest feeling is in the morning, when you can feel the combination of pine forest smell and the minerals that emanate from water. You feel how your lungs expand.

Cave in the beach area is a mystery itself. The rocks are full of shells. In the shallows, the water has the color of depth, dark green. There is also felt the density of water. “Ladies’ Beach” faces a superb natural countryside.

Solana A part of the Bojana-Buna Delta, the salt flats of Ulcinj in Montenegro with its 1 500 hectares are not only one of the largest salinas in the Mediterranean. The lagoon which was re-shaped to harvest salt is also the most important resting, breeding and wintering area for migratory birds on the east  Adriatic coast.

Besides spain this is the only place in Europe where you can see wild Falmingos but also Dalmatian Pelicans, Osprey European Honey Buzzard, Lesser Kestrel, Black Kite, Western Marsh-harrier, Greater Spotted Eagle and Peregrine Falcon are regular visitors.

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