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A beautiful mix of beach and history, Vama Veche is a perfect summer destination no matter what you want to do, where you’re from and what you like, there’s something here for you!

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Located on the stunning Black Sea coast by the Bulgarian border, Vama has an almost mythological reputation amongst Romanians as a haven of freedom and fun. During the communist period, amongst state-sponsored repression Vama Veche became a favourite hangout place for Romanian intellectuals and young people looking for something different, a haven of artistic creativity and openness. At that time, it was a welcoming environment where local peasants and fisherman rented tents or rooms to visitors. The end of communism and the power of word of mouth has made Vama Veche a national sensation for Romanians – the times may have changed, but the sense of community and freedom is stronger than ever and makes Vama an amazing environment to be in.

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Romanians flock here like birds every summer to bask in the atmosphere; it’s even spawned a term for people so in love with it that they always come back – vamaioți. Popular activites in Vama Veche for Romanians and travellers alike include: hanging out on the beach chatting with friends (if you come alone, don’t worry, you’ll make loads of friends quickly, especially at bonfires), partying, going to festivals of all kinds of music from rock to house to reggae, sunbathing, ice cream and volleyball. So whether you’re a musichead, a party animal or just want to relax by the sea, Vama Veche is the place for you.

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