Guca Trumpet Festival

Life experience of Guča trumpet festival!
Quite often women describe men as creatures with tin hearts who just drink a lot. They say that men never cry, that they are insensitive…and that they drink a lot again; that they are constantly searching for love not knowing what love actually is. I admit, I am certainly one of those, but let me tell you a secret…
My home town is just 10 minutes away from Guča. Guča is a place known as the tin soul of Serbia and the tin heart of Europe. When I was a child, I was always wondering what Guča is all about, why our town gets so crowded and packed with tourists for a week every single August. That’s why my Dad decided to take me to this Guča trumpet festival one day. Oh boy…


As a child, I was a fatty (which automatically means I was really amorous), so any time a girl next door would offer me a candy, or share her sweets with me, I would immediately fall in love with her, convincing myself that she is the one, the love of my life. But then, things have changed on that warm August day! As we got closer to Guča trumpet festival, I was mesmerized by the sound of trumpets. The smell of sweet cabbage, barbeque and crepes made me forget about my unconditional love for the girl next door. When we arrived there, I felt like I have just passed Level 8 in Super Mario Saga and set free the beautiful princess from the evil dragon, or like I was Tom who had finally caught Jerry the mouse. I just felt like everything was possible in that single moment! Tasty food, fascinating music, cute girls… I wondered why I thought my neighbor was the love of my life now that I have actually found a true love. Who says love doesn’t exist?!

As the years have passed, I stopped drooling over my cute neighbor (and candy too), and even though I had some tough moments in my life, I had my Guča Trumpet Festival to cheer me up every single year – trumpets have never disappointed me.

A few years later, I decided to head back to Guča with some friends for all 7 days. As we had everything we needed, including tents, we were off to a new adventure. During the festival, there’s a fenced space in the town itself made especially for camping where we found our spot. Everything was ready for a wild non-stop party, all over Guča. Coffee shops and traditional Serbian restaurants were packed with gorgeous girls. Oh man. The sky is the limit, I thought! But, the biggest event during the festival is actually on the town’s stadium were the orchestras from all over the world play their popular music which heats up the already hot crowd. To cool down, people go and sit next to the river with a beer in their hands or on the pool area in the town center. On the other hand, there are those who don’t really mind the hot beats, as you can see them ‘’dirty’’ dancing (literally) with the street performers whose job is to keep the atmosphere on a certain level of…hotness.

People often ask me what it’s like being there, what’s the hype when it comes to this festival. All I say to them is to imagine if they were in the craziest place on earth, to multiply that feeling by a 100, and that would be equal to just one day spent in Guča. It’s impossible to describe how a person feels while being there and maybe I shouldn’t
even try to explain. The only way to feel it is to live it! After spending 7 days at this festival, I was feeling physically bad, I was exhausted and I needed days to recover, but deep in my ‘tin’ heart I knew I have found the love of my life! PS. This Guča festival may cause side effects such as excessive enjoyment, oblivion, new friendships or in some cases complete addiction.


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