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Durrës Hostel started one year ago, and since then many travelers have found their way to Durrës Hostel. It is the first and only hostel in the city, and is located right on the main square in the center of the city. The hostel is run by two guys from Durrës, they will make you feel at home right away, together with the other staff members and volunteers. The hostel has place for up to 40 guests and has 2 double rooms with private bathroom.
Durrës is the ideal place to have a quiet break from your travel, as it is a town not too big and not too noisy. It is located on the route between north and south Albania, as well as to the east to Pogradec and Lake Ohrid. For international travel it is also on a good location, ferries to/from Italy are can be boarded in Durres and the busses to Macedonia, Greece and Montenegro all go through Durrës. Furthermore, while you stay with us, you can enjoy the rich history, wander the Roman amphitheater (the biggest of the Balkan Peninsula) and other Roman ruins, the archeological museum or just go the beach, rent a bicycle or have great fresh seafood in one of the many restaurants.

The hostel is located in an Italian Vila built in 1930, and has a large garden in the front and in the back where you can relax and hang out with your friends and other guests. Also inside we have a big cosy living room with a kitchen where you can spend your time and cook your meal. In the bar next door, which is also run by the same guys, you can mingle with the locals and enjoy a cold beer, coffee or cocktail.



Address: SheshiLiria Durrës 2001, Albania
Mobile: +355 684063835; +355 698916810
Web site: www.durreshostel.com

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