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Trip’n’Hostel (Hostel Tirana) is one of the hostels you stay at on your travels, and don’t forget for a long time. Erjon, the owner and your guide to Tirana, personally recreated the interior of an Italian style villa from the 1920s into a perfect place for backpackers to chill out, using mostly recycled materials found all over Tirana. Erjon and Eni, who run the place all day every day, have traveled all over the world themselves, and were inspired from their experiences to start a hostel of their own, in their hometown.

You never need to leave Trip’n’Hostel. It can get pretty hard to see the sights of Tirana, when right at home you have a well stocked (and cheap) bar, 2 courtyards front and back, a ping pong table and other games, constant great music, a fresh fruit market 20 meters away and a kitchen you can cook your own meals in. It takes most of our guests a few days to finally venture out of the area of Tirana the hostel is in, which is the oldest quarter of Tirana, where Erjon grew up. Authentic Albanian restaurants are the only ones you’ll find nearby, although it’s never a problem to get all kinds of food delivered to the hostel.

The rooms are cosy but big enough for each occupant to spread his/her things out. There are big lockers under the beds, small lockers, tables and most importantly – curtains for every bed. Wifi works through out the hostel, and air-conditioners for the summer time. There is no better place to start your Albanian journey than Trip’n’Hostel. Welcome to Tirana!



Address: Rruga Musa Maci 1, 1000 Tirana, Albania
Mobile: 00355(0)683048905
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